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Director, New Business Development

Date Posted: 4 July 2023
Job Title: Director, New Business Development
Job Type: Marketing
Location: North York

Essential Job Results:

Reporting to the Managing Director, the Director, New Business Development is responsible for driving and leading communication between new clients and this branding and design agency including:

• Actively and consistently supporting all efforts to simplify and enhance the

customer experience.

• Conducting sales needs analysis with current communication customers,

including the development of client-centric product solutions.

• Developing in-depth knowledge of company offerings to identify profitable

business opportunities.

• Design, develop, and deliver effective proposals and presentations.

• Self-generate leads by contacting current clients by telephone, premise

visits, networking, and industry events.

• Maintain all client databases necessary to report sales activity and

customer information.

• Attends all sales/company meetings and training sessions as required by


• Researching emerging trends and recommending new company offerings to

satisfy customers’ needs.

NBD Qualifications/Skills:

  • Working knowledge of the marketing, branding and design industry
  • Proven track record of developing new business opportunities and branding strategy for the purposes of increasing revenue for an agency
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to multitask and work efficiently and effectively to meet required
  • deadlines
  • Ability to learn quickly and apply that knowledge
  • Ability to work in a team environment

Other Essential Competencies:

Strategic Leadership

Anticipates the implications of trends on the agency’s future business success and

develops effective, strategic responses.

Leads the creation of a shared vision of the business that everyone can

understand and apply.

Champions change and innovation consistent with Raining’s basic values and

effectively manages its pace and progress.

Business Leadership

Assumes accountability for business decisions and results.

Demonstrates a strong commitment to continuous improvement principles and

joint problem solving.

Quickly determines the fundamental essence of an issue, its root causes and

conflicting points of view and seeks creative resolution.

Implements and manages a business plan focused on meeting customer


Takes calculated risks to make timely decisions, monitors performance and

makes adjustments as necessary.

Building the Team

Attracts, develops, rewards and promotes high caliber talent.

Empowers others to maximize their involvement and contribution to corporate

and team success.

Establishes clear performance expectations, addresses poor performance and

rewards good performance.

Is involved, visible, and readily accessible.

Working with Others

Interacts with others in ways that advance the work of Raining by developing

trust, mutual respect and cooperative working relationships.

Ability to build or maintain congenial, positive relationships or networks with

people that are aimed to be helpful in achieving work related goals.

Works with others using problem solving approaches and seeks their input on

key issues affecting the account team.

Presents complex issues with credibility and impact to varied audiences and

listens to and considers the views of others.

Promotes ideas and proposals persuasively and builds confidence, acceptance

and commitment to new initiatives.

Personal Effectiveness

Challenges the status quo and takes calculated risks toward improvement and

new opportunity.

The ability to put employee concerns and specific problems into larger

organizational and management context.

The conceptual and analytical ability to identify relevant factors, engage in

constructive problem solving with clients, and develop sound and creative


The ability to achieve an appropriate balance between exerting influence and

being responsive to client expectations.

The ability to establish trust and credibility with others.

Adjusts well to new, stressful and ambiguous situations and shows perseverance

and emotional control in the face of frustration and adversity.

Has a realistic sense of his/her capabilities and learns quickly from feedback and


Demonstrates principled leadership and sound business ethics and behaves

consistently with expressed values and commitments.

Ensures, fairness, integrity and openness in dealing with employees.

About the Company: small but growing agency specializing in branding, package design and editorial content for publishers. This is an in-office role with a North York GTA location. Clients include a variety of food, grocery, retail and luxury goods companies.

Compensation range: $100 – 120k plus benefits

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