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Grapevine Mergers & Acquisitions

Grapevine Mergers & Acquisitions


Based on the number of years Grapevine has been working in the marketing and communications sector, right across Canada, we have established a separate division to specifically address the M & A marketplace.

By virtue of our longevity and long list of contacts, we are confident that we are in a position to provide our clients with an opportunity to consider acquisition targets which will be complimentary to their needs.

Search Scope

GMA will conduct a formal scope or in some cases, due to our familiarity with certain sectors, we will have a list of organizations which are looking for an outright purchase or a merger opportunity.

We will conduct a “Search Scope” which will help both parties identify the optimum organization based on a number of factors. While not limited to, this will cover off particulars relating to:

›  Geographic location
›  Size
›  Service offering
›  Industry expertise
›  Ownership structure
›  Payment structure whether acquiring or being acquired

Services Provided

Based on discussions with our clients, GMA will develop an initial Search Scope document as outlined above.

Using our network, contacts and affiliations, GMA will conduct a confidential search and provide the names of potential organizations who are interested in being purchased or purchasing themselves.

GMA will be responsible for the initial contact and subsequent discussions with both parties, up to and including the signing of a NDA between the two parties.

GMA will also provide an assessment as to the suitability of the two parties, based on the Search Scope and also potential conflicts.

While GMA may be engaged on a post NDA basis, discussions, exchange of documents, assessment, further agreements, due diligence and the like, would generally be conducted between the two parties, their external accountants and lawyers.

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